Terra s.p.r.l.
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Terra S.P.R.L., is a Katanga -DRC based company and primarily deals with hi-tech farm operations in Lubanda and Katofio region. The company mainly deals in maize farming as it enjoys the advantage of being located in Lubanda. It, thus, helps to satisfy the high demand for top –quality food products throughout the province. Excellent soil, climatic conditions and world-class infrastructure are the key factors that have made Terra S.P.R.L. one of Katanga’s leading producers of maize and other agricultural products.

Terra S.P.R.L. employs a highly trained team of agricultural experts to ensure production of superior quality maize using highly mechanized equipment. The company’s main objective is to offer substantial quantities of maize to fight with the growing deficiency of maize supplies in the province. The farming methods adopted by company are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Terra S.P.R.L. is owned by its parent company SOMIKA (Societe Minere du Katanga). Somika has aimed to turn Terra into a pan-African agricultural company with a portfolio of activities. The company endeavors to achieve its dream of being the largest and most exclusive farming company managing 10,000 Hectares of Farm land. It has been striving hard to become a driving force in the local agricultural market in the near future. Terra is also committed to working towards improving the rural economy and contributing towards the development of agriculture in the DRC region by transforming the abandoned land into productive land.

For more information visit us on : www.terraafrique.com