Solutions for Africa s.p.r.l.
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Solutions For Africa S.P.R.L, established in 2005 in Lubumbashi, D R Congo, is a company with the primary objective to construct water well and offer water management and distribution techniques to resolve the critical issue of domestic, agricultural and commercial water supply all over the region.

Post establishment of the company in Lubumbashi, it opened other branches in Kinshasa and Mbuji-Mayi to establish liaison with government offices and markets in the province. Over the years, Kinshasa branch has significantly grown and contributed a lot to the company’s overall business.

The company is proud of its core team that comprises of members, who are pioneer in drill technology. It also boasts of generating employment for large number of domain experts. With years of experience and a cutting edge technical expertise over technology, the company offers most effective and proficient services in the region.

Apart from its services, the company has also stepped into diamond drilling, reverse circulation drilling and blast hole drilling during the year 2007, and now, it is taking up major jobs in the ongoing mining exploration throughout D R Congo. The company is focused on its social contribution objectives, such as employment generation in Congo and raising the standard of living for the country.

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