Aurum s.p.r.l.
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AURUM-S.P.R.L., is a copper and cobalt production and exploration company based in Lubumbashi city, D R Congo. Its portfolio is diversified with 27 property permits, with primary focus on Kisanfu development Project and Prospective Pumpi Project.

AURUM-S.P.R.L generates its major revenue from Cobalt production and the development of identified Copper deposits in Kisanfu, a prestigious Joint venture with Gecamines (70% Aurum & 30% Gecamines).

Pumpi (100% Aurum) is a multi-target exploration project of the company, covering 2200 hectares adjacent to Freeport’s Tenke Fungurume Copper Mine in the Lufilian Arc. Since 2010, Aurum has been committed to reorganize its strengths and complete the HMS plant for commencing copper production by the end of the year 2011.

Terra s.p.r.l.
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Terra S.P.R.L., is a Katanga -DRC based company and primarily deals with hi-tech farm operations in Lubanda and Katofio region. The company mainly deals in maize farming as it enjoys the advantage of being located in Lubanda. It, thus, helps to satisfy the high demand for top –quality food products throughout the province. Excellent soil, climatic conditions and world-class infrastructure are the key factors that have made Terra S.P.R.L. one of Katanga’s leading producers of maize and other agricultural products.

Terra S.P.R.L. employs a highly trained team of agricultural experts to ensure production of superior quality maize using highly mechanized equipment. The company’s main objective is to offer substantial quantities of maize to fight with the growing deficiency of maize supplies in the province. The farming methods adopted by company are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Terra S.P.R.L. is owned by its parent company SOMIKA (Societe Minere du Katanga). Somika has aimed to turn Terra into a pan-African agricultural company with a portfolio of activities. The company endeavors to achieve its dream of being the largest and most exclusive farming company managing 10,000 Hectares of Farm land. It has been striving hard to become a driving force in the local agricultural market in the near future. Terra is also committed to working towards improving the rural economy and contributing towards the development of agriculture in the DRC region by transforming the abandoned land into productive land.

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Solutions for Africa s.p.r.l.
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Solutions For Africa S.P.R.L, established in 2005 in Lubumbashi, D R Congo, is a company with the primary objective to construct water well and offer water management and distribution techniques to resolve the critical issue of domestic, agricultural and commercial water supply all over the region.

Post establishment of the company in Lubumbashi, it opened other branches in Kinshasa and Mbuji-Mayi to establish liaison with government offices and markets in the province. Over the years, Kinshasa branch has significantly grown and contributed a lot to the company’s overall business.

The company is proud of its core team that comprises of members, who are pioneer in drill technology. It also boasts of generating employment for large number of domain experts. With years of experience and a cutting edge technical expertise over technology, the company offers most effective and proficient services in the region.

Apart from its services, the company has also stepped into diamond drilling, reverse circulation drilling and blast hole drilling during the year 2007, and now, it is taking up major jobs in the ongoing mining exploration throughout D R Congo. The company is focused on its social contribution objectives, such as employment generation in Congo and raising the standard of living for the country.

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M.C.S. s.p.r.l.
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Mining Chemical Suppliers s.p.r.l., also in short called as MCS, was established during the year 2009. As the name suggests, "MCS" is one among the most preferred and leading chemical suppliers of industrial chemicals to mining Industries based in Katanga, DR Congo. With several years of industrial experience, MCS stakeholders are well aware of the chemicals and industrial supplies that are required by mining industries and thus help and maintain strong business relationships with many mining companies operating in the region.

The Katanga region is rich in minerals and has a huge number of players working throughout the year for exploration & processing of minerals and metals. Being based in this region, MCS has a vast number of chemicals available for customer service. Some of the major chemicals that we deal in include Aluminum Sulphate, Calcium Hypochlorite, Carbon Activated Calcium, Caustic Soda, Flocculants, Filter Cloth, Hydrated Lime, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Poly Aluminum Chloride, Quick Lime, Soda Ash, Sodium Meta by Sulphate, Sodium Hydrosulphide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Sulphate, Potassium Dichromate, Phosphoric Acid, and Coagulant etc. Other products that we offer include deformed bars, Oxygen, Acetylene, Mill Balls, Jumbo Bags, Foundry Coke, Bitumen, oils & lubricants, alternative energy/solar products, and engineering supplies.

MCS possesses a big and loyal customer base in the province due to its strategy to combine the essential concept of price and quality, every time it takes care to deliver the ordered products within the stipulated time. The company also serves as a facilitator by including an integrated logistics and service monitoring solution to ensure that its customers enjoy a range of products that complies with their specific needs.

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Solutions for Energy Pvt. Ltd.
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Established in 2007, Solutions 4 Energy Pvt. Ltd. provides renewable energy solutions to conserve energy in the best possible ways.

Initially started in Vadodara, S4E has quickly expanded over the years and today, it has a presence in major business cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. In last two years, the company has lived up to its name and has made a mark in every segment where non-conventional energy sources are available, such as wind, solar, biogas, water, etc.

The company believes in promoting and propagating energy conservation methods and ensuring optimum use of renewable sources of energy. For this, it has been striving to produce and elicit devices and construct effective energy conservation solutions. Considering the huge gap that exists in supply and demand of electricity generated by conventional sources worldwide, it constantly endeavors to reduce this gap by tapping renewable energy sources.

Over time, the company aims to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, while providing its consumers with all the quality tools and resources they need to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes, business, and life.

Revin s.p.r.l.
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Revin s.p.r.l., is a well reputed drinks and mineral water manufacturing company in Lubumbashi, D R Congo.

The company consists of state of the art manufacturing units and with huge infrastructure. The brand is highly preferred by the Congolese. Over the years, the company has marked sustained growth with exceptional performance and economic enhancements.

Over the years, the company, by adding many products to its portfolio, has helped its consumers relish the taste of their drinks at every moment in their lives. As the company offers FMCG products, like mineral water and soft drinks, it ensures that the delivered product sustains its natural essence throughout its life cycle.

So far, the company has introduced two initial products with brand name ‘Cheers’ for mineral water and ‘Frooty’ for flavored drink. The company highly focuses on effectiveness, quality and easy-to-buy aspect for its products so that the products are easily available to everyone.

Sotrafer s.p.r.l.
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Sotrafer S.p.r.l, Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Sotrafer-s.p.r.l. is a steel bar manufacturing company established in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. The company instigated its success journey in 2006 at significant level by manufacturing deformed steel bars of various sizes. Currently, the company has an annual production capacity of 27,000 MT.

Deformed bars manufactured by Sotrafer widely used in the local province in concrete and masonry works to enhance the durability and strength of a particular structure. These bars are even more significant from the point of view of making strong earthquake proof structure as it offers great environmental disruption capability. Other products produced by the company include oxygen and acetylene.

M.M.R. s.p.r.l.
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Established in 2009, MMR (Mining Mineral Resources) S.P.R.L. is a rapidly growing organization. Despite the economic meltdown across the globe, the company is proud of its incredible success in the mining and mineral industry. With two major objectives - exploration and trading of metals & minerals - in mind, the company has achieved remarkable success ever since its inception.

The company has embarked upon other projects, such as exploration of Tin, Tantalum & Niobium and some production through up gradation methods. Gold exploration and production is expected to commence during 2011. Expertise knowledge in relevant field and thorough exposure to the market are the key strengths of this MMR s.p.r.l.

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