Vinmart Group CSR
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Vinmart has always espoused a sustainable approach to its business. We, at Vinmart, are well aware of the fact that the growth of any business is inextricably related to the interests of the ecosystem – our stakeholders, local communities, and the environment – in which it operates. As the world becomes flatter, companies have a much larger responsibility to strive to attain sustainable growth. They must endeavor to develop corporate activities that balance the needs of the society, environment, and the economy. And considering the need of the day, we have taken up this responsibility, as a part of our objective, to ensure a better tomorrow.

To improve our coexistence with the society and strengthen the trust that our stakeholders have in us, our mantra is to ensure transparency in business deals and timely delivery of premium quality goods and services at reasonable prices. Also, we believe that the success of any business depends on its ‘People’. Employees (local & expat) are, therefore, given due care and concern while making the most liberal HR policies of the company, which makes working at Vinmart a great experience for all.

Social Contribution

We are committed to an unbiased society. Our "Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities" guides our interactions with our stakeholders and the society and influences our everyday actions. As responsible corporate citizens, our employees make a difference by making contributions that meet the basic needs of the local communities. In the recent years, we have taken up various social causes in education, healthcare, rural rehabilitation, art and culture, and inclusive growth.

Vinmart also responds generously to the needs of the deprived communities that got abandoned in natural calamities. As most of our associate companies are located in Africa and India, Vinmart has allied with organizations that are already working for various social causes in these regions. The main highlights of this ongoing process are as follows –

  • Providing financial aid to 1000 children for last 10 years to enable them to continue with their education
  • Sending food supplies to old age Homes since last 5 years
  • Making periodical donations in kind, like benches, blackboards etc., to schools in nearby areas
  • Offering sponsorship for local sport events to encourage extracurricular social activities
  • Sending medical supplies to government hospitals in rural and semi-urban areas
  • Offering solar and other green energy solutions to ensure water supply and electrification for local residences in rural areas
  • Creating awareness among farmers and agriculturists about the modern farming equipments and techniques and providing them with financial aid for the same.

Resource Efficiency

One of our primary objectives is to ensure a sustainable environment by making responsible use of energy and natural resources. As part of our CSR initiative, we keep pace with the increasing green energy requirements of the ‘clean’ tech world. With a range of sustainable energy products, we attempt to enhance organizational independence and help our customers to minimize their carbon footprint. Some of the solar/alternative energy products that we deal in include Solar Panels, Solar Trackers, Inverters, Charge Controllers, and Wind Turbines.